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The Malcontent Uprisings #7-12

by Nathan Stout (of

The Malcontent Uprising #7 (Eternity 1990)

The cover looks promising. We see Breetai in full battle mode, looking not-to-happy.

First off we see Breetai's new Sentinels helmet... man on man does it suck! I have always hated that piece of junk. Let's not even get to talking how they turned around and gave Edwards a Breetai-like mask either... sheesh. Sorry, I got carried away.

Breetai puts down his cowl and we get a peek on the back side of it. Neat.

On page 4 we get an excellent drawing of an Invid Shock Trooper (and Breetai looking like a dork right before getting his face shot off).

On the next page we see Breetai in the micronization tank. This brings up an interesting point... when someone is shrunk or enlarged, is their old body melted away? Having read a bunch of sci-fi over the years that has been one method writers explain how teleportation work; the conscience is transferred across distances and the left-behind body is disposed of. Kinda freaky but it makes sense.

Next page we get... Dork-a-tron! Yes, I know Harmony Gold couldn't get the rights to the looks of the Macross characters so they had to change them drastically for The Sentinels but still...

Spangler wrote off this drastic change in character-look explaining that Breetai wanted to travel incognito... so new mask.

I'd have to admit that some of the Southern Cross armor is cool, but not much of it.

The Petit Cola van on page13 hovers... does everything after 2015 hover... wait no, next page...

Jevna Parl shows up on page 16. If you remember, he was aboard the factory satellite in The Zentraedi Rebellion. He was the first Zentraedi Lisa had seen bald and with a beard.

On page 22 things start falling apart story-wise. Jevna is going to use Breetai to 'test' the sizing chamber by force. Ok, say it works... Breetai at full size? No one can stop him after that. Next, Breetai see the battlepod and jumps to the conclusion that there MUST be a full size Zentraedi in there. Why? We know that Zentraedi can operate pods in a team of 3. Finally Breetai comes to the (right) conclusion that Jevna is the one in the pod. Why? Re-read this whole paragraph and that theory is shot down (and dumb). Sorry, things just got crazy there for a second.

As many gripes and such as I had for this issue, it was fun. That's what makes this stuff fun for me. I like nit-picking but I do it only in FUN. I'm not angry about it or anything. Just fun!

The Malcontent Uprising #8 (Eternity 1990)

Miriya finally gets to meet up with Seloy. It took long enough!

The Bartley family is reunited on page 6. I wonder if we will get to see where Rook ends up before this is all over. I'd think she'd be a bit younger though... yep, in the book she is like 6 months old. That would put her around 16 when the Invid attack. She looks to be about 6 or 7 here. That would make put her in her 20's when the Invid attack.

On page 16 Wolff talks to Max about deserting. In the book Max is shocked and talks Wolff out of it, here it is turned into some sort of mission.

We get to see a Veritech take on a Hovertank, nice.

Not a whole lot of talk in this issue (aside from Seloy revealing her plan to Miriya).

The Malcontent Uprising #9 (Eternity 1990)

Greg Lane takes over as artist in this issue. He has a very different look for Wolf... more hair, less forehead.

The Centaur tanks looks awesome BTW.

I really like Lane's work here. There is a nice technical look as well as nice character renderings too.

At the top of page 9 are some music posters on the side of a building. One is for a Minmei album and the one below it is for Bon Jovi called 'still rockin'. So Bon Jovi survived the Rain of Death? In the picture he seems to be leaning on a cane and at the bottom the title says 'Ben Gay Blues'. lol!

On page 11 Ron Bartley looks a little Roy Fokker-ish.

The Zentraedi on page 16 couldn't find armor in his own size.. it's a bit big on him.

Miriya looks much more... Miriya in this issue (with her tight Zentraedi uniform on and her hair in normal fashion).

That is a cool Stinger on page 20. An armored Veritech hybrid.

Well, that situation with Seloy and Hirano turned bad fast... As I thought before, the idea of Hirano's lineage would have made for some interesting story since he was the only other (besides Dana) hybrid Zentraedi/Human. Kinda strange that they just got rid of him like that.

The Malcontent Uprising #10 (Eternity 1990)

As we begin we see that Miriya's uniform has been ripped quite 'sexily'.

Wow on page 8, the stinger on the left is a real hybrid! It's part Destroid, part battlepod!

There is lots of mech battling going on in this issue. Lane does a pretty good job.

At the bottom of page 22, Max looks a bit Minmei-ish.

I wonder if General Nichols is related to Louie Nichols (from the 2nd War)?

Rolf and Frank appear to be wearing Southern Cross uniforms which appear to be fairly close to the REF uniforms. I never noticed that before.

The Malcontent Uprising #11 (Eternity 1990)

John Waltrip did the cover of this issue. It is a bit over the top.

Greg Lane is back as the artist... lookin' good.

There's Leonard's blimps on page 6 (*snort*). Beware of those 'Battle Blimps'!

The art is good all through this comic but the rear view of the stinger on page 12 is awesome.

On page 14 one of the micro-disease carrying things gets inside one of the pilot's cockpits... isn't that impossible? Aren't those things air-tight?

What the heck... Breetai, again?! This was not in the book (and rightly so). The guy is getting shrunk every ten minutes!

On page 25 it shows Miriya's Veritech opened up. I never knew the VF-1A (or any Veritech) opened up like that (with the head forward). Have I just been blind? I guess so. Just must be so rare to see it.

The Malcontent Uprising #12 (Eternity 1990)

Also known as... 'new looks are in'.

Those toys Dana is playing with are awesome. I wish real Robotech toys looked as good.

Marla's helmet on page 19 looks familiar but unfamiliar... it must be some sort of hybrid (like the stingers).

Is that some 'tommy tongue' I see between Max and Miriya?

The transformation of the game Dana is playing from child's toy to the screen of her hover tank is pretty cool. A nice transition of what is to come for Dana... but not for us!

Join me next time as I watch the next item in the Robotech universe (chronologically, anyway)...
The Sentinels!

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