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Robotech Episodes 19 - 24

by Nathan Stout (of

In 2012 I am up to episode 19 of the Robotech saga. This includes all the comics, books, and episodes chronologically up to this point in the series. I am shooting for the whole series including all comics and such through the end of the year (not sure if I'm gonna make it...). I better get hustling!

This batch of six episodes is being watched a little bit differently than the previous ones. I have been watching and reading in batches of six but this time I will watch an episode, read the revelant part in the Robotech novels and read the comic book of that episode. I will still be publishing the blogs in batches of six but I will be working on all of them at the same time.

Episode #19 Bursting Point

The SDF-1 flying low over the city is awesome!

Claudia has become the martyr in this show. She has basically lost everything and has to put up with everyone's sympathy with such a brave face. It's no wonder she takes to the bottle.

When Lisa comes up to Rick their hands are resting on thin air. The animation cells didn't line up.

Kyhron is such a loose canon. Why would a warrior race obsessed with such perfection let someone like him live.

Ben's un-finished steak... what a metaphor!

This is obviously the 'A' team of animators, it looks great.

As good as Gloval is he made two GIANT mistakes, the initial fold of the SDF-1 over Macross Island and the activation of the barrier shield over Ontario. Both times he is warned not to do it and both times he takes no council.

Lisa drops the 'everyone's lives are in your hands' guilt on Rick before the barrier explodes.

When Ben dies Rick does this Catholic thing but crossing himself. I have noticed that in some 80's Anime there a few references to religion, something you don't see in US cartoons.
Rick hanging up on Minmei is sort of his movement into adulthood.

This episode is probably my favorite episode because of the whole barrier overload. This episode has some comedy, action, and lots of drama. When Rick reports Ben's death to Lisa it's heart breaking.


Episode #20 Paradise Lost

Breetai has a smirk a mile wide while Azonia's failures are played out on the screen.

I think it's interesting that Breetai's flagship still hasn't been fixed since Max busted through the screen and bubble on the bridge.

On the SDF-1 the supply vehicles move down the Macross city streets past... Macross Nald's. Har har har.

Ben's spirit sure is short!

Lisa just walks into Gloval's office THEN asks if it's OK to come in... saucy woman.

Why did the spies battlepod jettison it's legs? It can fly just fine with them...

The Zentraedi quickly adopted the Micronian usage to the word 'Robotech'.

Exedore can balance a piano on one thumb! The pile of human artifacts shrinks and grows as the debriefing.

One of the running crowd during Gloval's broadcast disappears magically. Whoops.

Minmei's song starts before she is done talking. Lipsyncher!

Why is Kyle comforting Captain Gloval? He hates the military.


Episode #21 A New Dawn

At the party Jan Morris makes a return. This whole first couple of scenes have a lot inter personal stuff going on. It's very interesting. Jan even mentions reading someone's palm.

Myria just waltzs into the movie in front of people who obviously have waited all day.

The pilot next to Max at the movie is Will Wheaton.

How in the world would the song 'Stagefight' be the theme to a kung-fu movie.

Rico looks a lot like Michael Jackson while he boasts to the other Zentraedi about Minmei!

I absolutely love it when Breetai sees and misunderstands the kung-fu movie.

It's also great when Rick accidentally grabs Lisa's butt.

The part of the episode where Rick and Lisa are trapped is great. This episode has no real action but is just as good as the most action packed episodes.

The appearance of the cola machine is classic.

It's strange that we never actually see any battle going on while Sammie is in command. It's like they needed to save some money.

The end of this episode is nice. Rick and Lisa hand in hand... finally.


Episode #22 Battlehymn

The Minmei 'infection' is a great aspect to both Macross and Robotech. It is kinda strange how the Zentraedi have not encountered culture before.

The animation cells in this episode are very dirty at time. I guess the more people work on a cell or if more than one person works on it they get dirty.

Rico looks like this guy...

When Rick is thinking about stuff they show a Minmei 'Lovely Concert' poster on the wall. I think it's funny... a drawing looking at a drawing.

How many songs does Minmei have? The people of Macross never get tired of her songs.

The floating screens in the Zentraedi flag ship are neat. I am guessing that we will have that technology at some point in the future.

How are Rico Konda and Bron suddenly in Khyron's part of the fleet? I thought they were on Breetai's flagship. I could be wrong. Wait... they are on Breetai's ship. He is taking a HUGE risk letting the SDF-1 hit his ship with the Deadelus.

We finally see some more combat after a few episodes of rest.
When Minmei starts singing during the battle her mouth is moving before she actaully starts singing.

Why do Raidar X destroids start running into the Zentraedi ship?

When Minmei is tending to Kyle her eyes are black... soulless.. I knew it.


Episode #23 Reckless

We pickup where last episode left off. Macross looks like utter crap!

"A Minmei, never heard of it. What are its ballistic capabilities?"

That one Zentraedi pilot looks like a little kid.

Ut oh, Rick sees Kyle and Minmei kissing. In our day and age of P.C. what Kyle did would have been considered rape.

Khyron is still blasting his troops all the way back to his ship.

Once again, the series has taken a very adult tone with the defection of the spies.

The animation in this episode varies from decent to down right sloppy. It reminds me of several episodes of the New Generation (but we will get to that much later).

Max looks VERY pasty at the defector meeting. Perhaps he is feeling ill at the prospect of living with aliens.

Uncle Max must be a midget... he sure is short.

Uncle Max says that they (he and Leena) both can't go and leave the restaurant but that is exactly what they were doing before Rick and Lisa showed up.

Rick cleans the damaged restaurant in his gloves. Really, who cleans in their driving gloves?


Epsiode #24 Showdown

Who was that guy walking with Max? Max still looks pale so I guess that's just his skin color.

Rick is wearing a very early 80's Japanese fashion complete with cravat... slick!

Lisa flakes out telling Rick she is love with him.

Some of the armor animation in Lisa's shuttle goofs up.

Is Khyron just waiting in his battlepod 24/7 for a battle, sheesh.

The transformation of Max's Veritech into Battloid is awesome! Also, the Super Verictech looks cool just sitting there.
After Rick leaves Lisa's shuttle we begin the first of Myria's arcade capers (probably my favorite part of the first 36 episodes).

Oh, Max's pallor looks better when he talks Rick into going to the arcade but when they arrive he looks sickly.

Look! It's little Jason again! Man that kid never grows. I wish arcades here in the US paid out tokens! One of those games looks to me it might be Lupin.

Whent Max and Myria's game being quite the collection of strangeness surrounds the action.

I love this arcade scene!

Back on earth Admiral Hayes tells Lisa that the UEG is going to fire the Grand Cannon at the enemy before they enter peace negations. This smells of War War II and the dropping the bomb on Hiroshima.

The Zentraedi defectors come UNGLUED when Rico tells them that marriage means that the two people go away and spend all their time pressing their lips together. Lol!


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Macross Perfect Memory

by Nathan Stout (of

Right up there with the Robotech Roleplaying books, Macross: Perfect Memory is the other 'must have' for any Robotech fan. Perfect Memory is a Japanese book (easily available on EBay) that shows almost every concept sketch, character models, as well as the majority of the show (through screen caps). Although it is in Japanese it won't stop your enjoyment of this visual feast.

Perfect Memory covers the Macross saga only (the first 36 episodes of Robotech). As a side note Macross was intended to only last the 24 episodes but the show turned out to be so popular that more episodes were added (everything after the Zentraedi armada defeat). You can also find other animation art books online for Southern Cross and Mospeada (the other 2 parts of Robotech).

Years ago I got a hold of 'This Is Animation' volumes 1, 2, and 3 which covers most of the stuff in Perfect Memory. For some reason I had sold or traded away those. I found this book on EBay and it has been fantastic. The book is divided into several sections that cover the story of the show, artwork, concept art, character model sheets, mecha and Macross city model sheets. There are also story boards, 'the making of', and staff comments.

The first part of the book is an episode summary of the show. There is the episode's synopsis (in Japanese) and multiple screen shots. It is interesting to see the Japanese names of the episodes (which are in English). Some of them are exactly like the Robotech ones and some are downright funny like: 'Pine Salad', 'Kung-Fu Dandy', and 'Virgin Road'. It is also interesting to see some of the stuff that was cut out of Robotech like seeing Lynn Minmei's naked butt in 'The Long Wait' or Roy Fokker's bloody back in 'Farewell Big Brother'.

The next part of the book is Macross 'Outside Story' which appears to be what happened after episode 24 of the series (assuming that it was the end of the show). It's all in Japanese but from what I can gather from the pictures is that Rick and Lisa went on being in love, Minmei and Lynn Kyle lived happily ever-after, the Zentraedi that were left peacefully integrated with the humans, and New Macross city grew up around the old SDF-1 (like in the show). Of course all this was somewhat altered with addition of the 12 extra episodes.

The next section deals with the last 12 episodes and is just like the synopsis for the first 24. After that 'Combat Action' shows the animation cells used the action scenes of the show. There are a bunch of cutsie-type pictures of super deformed mecha and characters in funny poses throughout this section.

Miss Macross "For Space Life Casual" is the next part of the book. It is basically some color art work of the women of Macross in various outfits.

The next section (page 101-136) is filled with the character model sheets for the series. There are hundreds of sketches of the characters (major people and background ones too).

My favorite section is the next one: Mechanic of Macross. This section contains the sketches of the ships, configurations, details, and every location in loving detail. I think this section alone could be sold as a book. There are soooooo many great drawings here! If you are following my year long Robotech experience I have often commented that the comics will use some of original sketches as a basis for their art work. Just look at the SDF-1 on page 140 or the Veritechs on page 151 and you will see lots of shots that look familiar. As an interesting side note there is a drawing of the SDF-2 on page 150. You can see how similar (and dissimilar in some ways) to the original SDF-1. The SDF-2 looks very similar to the SDF-1 in the Macross movie: Do You Remember Love.

The next section has concept artwork for the characters. You will some strangely familiar figures in this section. The early Rick Hunter looks like he would be more comfortable in Starblazers then Robotech. Minmei didn't change one bit while Roy went from looking more like Ben to the character we know and love. The final character changes were all for the better! There are also some very interesting concept art work for the SDF-1 and other mecha. The SDF-1 looked very Gundam-like in it's robot mode and I have to admit I liked the Gladiator better in it's concept drawing than the final product.

The next section I can't figure out at all. It seems to be a page from a manga but I am not sure if it's something that inspired Macross or just some test manga or what. Nothing really looks like Macross with the slight exception of the big ship in the background. I wish I could read Japanese...

The last section deals with (in Japanese) the staff and the voice actors of Macross. There is a saucy little picture of a naked Myria inside her Quadrono battle suit too!

That's all! This book is work every penny I paid for it. If you are fan of either Macross or Robotech this book is a must!