Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'm still here... Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter review

by Nathan Stout (of

No, I am still here... I've just been VERY busy creating a board game of my own! Yep, I am about to launch a Kickstarter for it. Go here!

I am almost done with Doomsday (the book) an will post soon. Sorry for the massive delays. In the meantime take a look at this! THIS IS AWESOME. I suggest you go back it now!

Today's review is more of a review of coming product: Palladium Books: Robotech RPG Tactics. This is currently in the Kickstarter phase and it is doing well... REALLY WELL.

Initial goal to get game made: $70,000

With 15 days to go (out of 30), current total money gained: $520,000


Robotech is one of those name brands that has a cult following. The brand has been around since the early eighties and it was destined to do well... and it did!
Robotech RPG Tactics is based on the Robotech Role Playing books. In the RPG there are rules for mecha combat but this game takes that concept to a whole new level and focuses only on the mecha combat (via miniatures). If you look at the demo videos it looks a bit like Warhammer with Robotech mecha.
Here is the level I have backed at. As you can see the initial game was nice but with the increased funding SO MUCH MORE has been added. Way to please your backers Palladium!

The Kickstarter started 17 days ago and I got wind of it on day 2. They had already funded the project (gotten the needed $70,000) within the first few hours of the project! I can only hope our Kickstarter will fund so quickly!
As the amount of backers and pledges has increased so has the quality and quantity of the game. Several new miniatures have been added to the core box set as well as upgrades to the dice and play pieces.
I am very happy that Palladium is doing so well on this. I have enjoyed the Robotech RPG books for many years and it is nice to see so much being put into the game even after all these years.
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