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Robotech (Comico Comics) #25-30

By Nathan Stout (of
Let's continue on with my 2012/2013 voyage in the Robotech Universe with the next six comics in the Comico Macross Saga. Yeah, things have slowed down quite a bit but we are still moving along. Enjoy!

Robotech #25 (Comico 1988)

Max and Miriya look like they are dancing at the top of page 4.

In the middle of page 7 Rick has a Derp look on his face. In the last frame there appears to be a mix up with the coloring because it looks like Rick has been drinking urine.

Page 9 is a full page of Max's ship flying to the SDF-1. It looks great!

Even the comic seems to have glossed over the fact that it appears that Max and Miyira seemed to have been wed the very next day (or something)...

Breetai and Exedore go into much more detail in the comic than the show but it's a good thing. The comic in general explains more of what seems rushed concepts in the show. Breetai's talk of 'being defeated by love' is pretty good.

They don't bother with Minmei's song this time. The comic just does some exposition while she blathers on.

At the top of page 18 is a neat shot of the bridge of the SDF-1 and the arm of the Prometheus way in the background. I like it!

Robotech #26 (Comico 1988)

Strange shot on page 2 of the back of the SDF-1. You NEVER see it from that angle.

Rick's uniform has changed piping on page 10. It's Robotechnology! On the next page it appears that Bron has pooped or peed in his pants. Interesting... must be... Robotechnology!

Page 12 is an advert for a sweet satin jacket from Comico's Mage series. Only in the 80's...

Apparently Gloval's uniform is full of Robotechnoloy too, his collar changes color a bit.

On page 16 Rick's clothes are at it again. Below Azonia must be so scared her hair has turned white (that or the color person was getting sloppy).

Azonia tells Breetai that sending Exedore to the SDF-1 for peace talks was Dolza's plan. I don't believe this at all. Dolza would attempt to stop the 'infection' where ever possible. It is pretty obvious (in the show) that the peace offering was made by Breetai after he put 2 and 2 together and came to the conclusion that Dolza was going to destroy them all.

In the Editorial (which I have complained about before) the editor goes on to tell you about the fantastic evening she had at a Jethro Tull concert... really?!

On page 25 Claudia fills Gloval in on events taking place on Earth including mass suicide. This is kind of strange and didn't happen in the show or book. Maybe the writers wanted to include something about the inhabitants of Earth since they didn't get much coverage in the show.

Robotech #27 (Comico 1988)

It appears Miriya's uniform found it's purple color.

On page 3 both Rick and Minmei grow a pair... well, you know what I mean. They both finally figure out that keeping it inside is doing no one good. This would have been a nice ending bit if the series hadn't kept going.

The attack on the Earth by the grand fleet (on page 7) looks like they are spraying water on the planet.

There is a far bridge shot on page 14 that looks cool.

The 3 Super Veritechs firing on page 17 looks good too.

The look on Lisa's face at the bottom of page 25 is really goofy.

There isnt' a lot to say about this issue. It plays it pretty close to the show and takes few liberties. The art is decent but just like the show they had to make things happen fast to get through it all. It's a pity because this is such a BIG event to take place that you could make several issue cover the events that unfold.

Robotech #28 (Comico 1988)

The art on page 5 of New Macross City is great. I like it!

Ready for some REAL nitpicking!? The calendar on the wall shows May 1st to be on a Tuesday. There was a May 1st in 2012 but not another one until 2015 (in the real world). The year in the series at that particular time was around 2013 so the calendar is wrong... sheesh, what a geek I am!

In the flash back about 'the day Rick joined the service' we see another goof (just like in the show). We are looking at the day Rick first arrived on Macross. Must be Rick's faulty memory...

Right after page 11 is an ad for the 'Dana's Story' comic and I have always been interested in the photo for the cover of it. I'm sure I'll cover it later in my look at the Robotech Universe but I wanted to comment on it here. There is a lot of stuff going on in this picture. I'll just touch on the fact that the cartoon is showing on a computer screen. This was probably not even possible in the mid eighties but I will leave it at that. Check out my review of that comic and I will comment on the strangeness going on in the picture.

On page 13... ahhhh! What the heck is Max holding? A mutated cat? It's TINY. It can't be a baby. If it is it needs to be put back in an incubation chamber, it's not ready yet!

Right below that Lisa's imaginary baby is the correct size but man, what a lot of hair!

Kyle does this very inappropriate impression on page 15. That wasn't in the show...

The final shot of the SDF-1 makes it look as if it's sinking or something.

Robotech #29 (Comico 1988)

When Minmei tries to kill herself by getting out of Kyles car at like 70 miles per hour because she wants to go to Aunt Lena's restaurant Kyle gives in and tells Minmei he will take her... this is a change from the show where Kyle says he will drive her as far as the county line. Nice to see Kyle be a little nicer here!

The top frame of page 8 looks neat. To have the huge SDF-1 in the background, rising high over the city is a shot we don't see often.

Just like in the show Minmei's memory (on page 13) seems to have been muddeled by the horrific events of the last couple of years.

On page 14 we meet up with the old Zentraedi spies Rico, Konda, and Bron. I mentioned in the review of the show for this episode that I thought it was cool that Rico had glasses on (that the shows creators changed the look of Rico... making him appear more 'human') but here Konda comments that Rico is wearing them to 'look smart'. I like the thought that Rico needed them as opposed to the comics take that he is wearing them to look smart.

There is a lot of use of the 'sound' PAF! in this issue! Lol.

The show manager on page 24 (on the show) is Vance Hazlewood, Minmei's old manager. At least I think he is. He seemed to be (to me) but I could be wrong.

On page 25 Exedore says the ships being built on the Robotech Factory Satellite could 'devastate' the earth with one blast. On the show he says 'destroy'. I always had an issue with that.

On the next page Exedore's hair color changes to blond... it Robotechnology!

Did you ever notice that the RDF's 'battle blouses' (LOL) are different on men and women? The men's open on the right and the women's open on the left... just pointing that out.

Robotech #30 (Comico 1988)

The opening panel of this comic is great. The SDF-1 stands mighty in over New Macross City.

On page 12 Dana's hair is blond! I wonder if this was on purpose...

You can tell we have different artist on this comic. The last comics back cover said that Robotech was becoming a monthly comic so I guess they have rotating artist working on it as this point.

The drawings of the Super Veritech's a the top of page 19 are cool.

Actually there are several more drawings of the Super Veritechs in this issue (a few obviously from the art books) but they all look great.

On page 29 Reno talks about 'hostages'. If memory serves me right when Khyron takes Minmei and Kyle hostage (in an upcoming part of the next novel) it is pointed out that Zentraedi don't take 'hostages' since it is a foreign concept to the warrior race.

On page 30 Breetai's ship opens up to fire it's neutron cannon (unlike the show where it is just lasers coming out of the bow of the ship). I think this might be a nod to Do You Remember Love where the Zentraedi ships actually split open to fire their 'main cannons'.

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Robotech Episodes 25 - 30

by Nathan Stout (of

Episode #25 Wedding Bells

Out of all of the events of Robotech (with all it's weirdness including the dinosaurs in that episode of the New Generation) the battle between Miriya and Max in the park then the sudden marriage proposal is the most unbelievable. Sure, it's dramatic and makes good action but it stretches things a bit.

The sword fighting with knives is a bit much too. Oh well... lol.

The cafe place everyone is hanging out in is pretty cool, lots of windows. Rick acts like a total ass then totally turns on a dime when Miriya shows up. Women have that affect on him.

Within a day Miriya goes from queen bitch to a petite, polite bell when introduced to Rick.

My wife just made the observation that Breetai sounds like Moltar from Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

Of course Minmei has to butt into the wedding. She is such an attention hog.

Well, the final order comes down from Dolza to destroy the SDF-1. It's about time. When people rush from the wedding the door sounds like the doors from Star Trek. Also when the guy tells Max that he doesn't have to go into battle the person running in front of him repeats again and again.

Who in the hell who let Miriya into a Veritech? A: she is a non-combatant B: she is a former alien spy.

When the Zentraedi leave after the battle Gloval says a few line and his hat is HUGE! Also when they show the bridge the 'B' team is on duty but when the order to return is given it's Claudia. I guess she showed up at the end of the battle or something.

"You cooked the coffee pot!" I love that line. Also, why is Rick sleeping in his uniform?


Episode #26 The Messenger

When Breetai's ship shows up it still has the hole from the Dadelus attack in the front. That's cool that they remembered it.

The scene with Exedore in the conference room was cut from my 6 episode FHE VHS version of the show. When I finally got the Laser Disc version of the series I got to see this. I laughed so hard! I can't believe I missed out on this scene for so many years! When Exedore gets up and sings Stagefright I just about pee my pants!

Does Lynn Kyle ever change clothes? Stinky old hippie.

The UEG are just dying to fire off their Grand Cannon. Even with peace on the horizon.

Gloval's hat isn't the only thing that seems to have grown, his collar is giant! He could go hang gliding with that thing!

Azonia tells Breetai that the 'main fleet' is going to show up. I thought Breetai had the 'main fleet'...

The UEG base at the Grand Cannon is huge. There is a highway and what looks like a virtual city down there.

Of course Minmei breaks into a song in the conference room... sheesh!

Here it is! The big one! Things are getting serious... then, oh man the episode ends.


Episode #27 Force of Arms

You can tell this was the original end of the series. The animation is EXCELLENT.

FINALLY! Rick tells Minmei he loves her... took you long enough.

We get to see the inside of the MAC II Monster here. When it walks it ruins the deck...that sucks.

The Earth is practically wiped out. It kinda sucked that we don't see much close up action of that happening, it's such a big event you'd think more detail would be shown. They even reused SDF-1 landing footage. There are some appropriate reaction from everyone but it could have been drawn out a little longer. Its shortness kinda sucks some of the life out of the event. The audio editing (with Minmei's song) is kinda bad.

The death of the army guy and the little girl is chilling and horrifying. Time to get little Johnny another appointment with the shrink.

The use of Minmei's singing (and kiss) to disrupt the enemy forces is brilliant.

Every one's lack of emotional distress at the near destruction of Earth is a little distracting.

After the break there are some excellent shots of the RDF forces getting ready to attack.
The 'We Will Win' song fits the final battle perfectly. This was a great decision on the part of the US team.

Having to watch your parent get blasted away like Lisa does sucks!

How in the world is Lisa the only person still alive in the whole of the UEG base. That place was giant.

That was an ship from Orguss on the deck of the SDF-1... how did that get there?

It's sad to see Macross city get blasted.

When the SDF-1 enters Dolza's main base you can see Dolza standing in front of the big screen for just a moment then he vanishes.

The SDF-1 falls to Earth, bruised and battered. It's an awesome final image.

This was supposed to be the end of the series but it became so popular that more episodes were ordered. It was a very fitting ending but it would have been much better spread out over a couple of episodes, it seemed so rushed (the animation still rocked)!


Episode #28 Reconstruction Blues

We pick up 2 years later in this episode. The residents have left the SDF-1 and are now seem to be the bulk fo whats left of civilization. Fitting considering clivilization sent them off to be a sacrifice during the final battle.

The voice actor for The New generation's Rand is the voice of Bobby and his lines are delivered like someone about to go to sleep.

For some reason Rick and Lisa STILL have not hooked up. They have this weird relationship that makes Rick look like a bastard. Lisa hangs around while the uncaring Rick goes about his business.

Rick remembers Roy's speech 'on the day he signed up' but we see the day Rick met Roy on the day the SDF-1 originally took off. All that battle caused Rick some memory issues.

Minmei sings a song you hardly ever hear during the series while she is in Granite City. Something about 'making the right moves at the right times'. It's not on the Robotech soundtrack so its really rare. Oh yeah, then there is Lynn Kyle with that same freaking purple suit!

During Minmei and Kyle's fight, Minmei finally sounds grown up. Gone is the loopy young girl and in her place is a serious and slightly depressed young adult.

At the end of the New Portland battle there is a shot of the Zentraedi invasion into the SDF-1 from wayyyy back eariler in the series. It was really out of place.

Now 'Admiral' Gloval talks to Rick about putting the Zentraedi into a quarantine area like the SDF-1. This got me thinking about the size of the SDF-1. In earlier episodes it looks to be fairly small when you compare it to a ship like Breetai's and if you remember the size of the carriers it uses as its 'arms' you can get a scale of of the ship. A full size Zentraedi would take up a lot of room in the SDF-1. In fact it doesn't seem like you could get very many full size Zentraedi inside the SDF-1 at all.


Episode #29 The Robotech Masters

We begin this episode with a boring scene with the Robotech Masters. This is an early taste of the boredom headed our way during the 2nd Robotech war that is just a few episodes away.

Afterwards we get the narrator for a while in a rather depressing monologue.

Oh, look Kyle is wearing something different, what an early Christmas gift! After they have their spat in the car Kyle is 'kind' enough to let Minmei off at the city line... what?! What a turd!

During the RDF meeting Lang is talking but it's someone elses voice. It is obviously Lang but I guess they didn't want him to be the one that argued with so they changed his voice.

When Minmei is thinking about Rick she has a very different memory of what happened in those episodes.

Minmei gets up in the morning and walks about Macross. There is this nice direction where we see all these characters going about their morning rituals/jobs. Rick is running and the former spies are delivering their laundry. Rico now has glasses, that is a cool that the artist have changed a character's look. You usually don't see that sort of thing. Did I mention that met the voice actor that did the part for Rico AND I got him to autograph my Robotech novel Force of Arms?

Bam! Minmei runs into Rick and Lisa, what a soap opera moment!

The voice of Destroid pilot Dan is also the voice of Rand. That guy was working overtime.

Ugh, Khyron is back. Geraro's voice has changed from way back when he was overseeing the gravity mines on Mars.

At the concert that Rand voice actor is back as some usher or something.

Exedore makes a gross over exaggeration when he says that the Robotech factory can make ships that can destroy the Earth in one shot, we never see any of that later.


Episode #30 Viva Miyira

The boosters attached to the shuttles are gigantic!

Are you telling me that the RDF developed a special pod for Max and Miriya's kid?

Before Breetai folds in space we see some computer screens and there is English on the screen and it is utter gobble-de-gook. You can read some of it but it is just junk.

Ugh... more Roboteh Masters.

I like how Miriya asks if she and Max will ever be able to touch lips again.

Then we see Miriya flying with Dana just sitting on her lap... how dangerous!

I don't want to rag on the series but at this point you can tell it's just a some tacked-on stories to keep it going. There is no real emotional connection to what is happening because there is no real threat. The RDF seems to be going out of it's way to find trouble. The writers did what they could, eh?