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The Malcontent Uprisings #1-6

By Nathan Stout (of
We are now continuing our quest to cover all the Robotech comics/shows/books in chronological order. Initially this was going to be a one year deal... you know how life gets. Anyway we are back on track with Eternity Comics: Malcontent Uprising. This was a mini series written by Bill Spangler (who will head the unfinished journey into to the Sentinels. I am guessing he had access to Carl Macek's notes as this series (and his Sentinels work) appears to be canon. Jack McKinney also took his (their) basis for: The Zentraedi Rebellion from Bill's work as well.

This mini series take place during (about 2 years into) the book: The Zentraedi Rebellion so I have placed it after reading the book (for ease of following along). In the book these comics begin in chapter 23.

The Malcontent Uprising #1 (Eternity 1989)

Eternity's Robotech comics are in black and white and that is fine with me. I like this style. Michael Ling does a great and confident Anime-style job with the art.

On page 5 there is a reference (or no-so-subtle copying) of Return of the Jedi 'Zentraedi have died to deliver this tape to Monument City.'

A bit of Max and the '4th wall' at the top frame of page 7. Don't know what I am taking about? Look it up.

On page 13 we see one of the new mecha made for this series.

There is a cool shot of a Veritech pilot and cockpit on page 25. Love it!

On the last page there is a 'bonus pinup!' of Myria in a very unconventional jumpsuit. Not sure if an RDF uniform needs to have so much visible cleavage! lol

The Malcontent Uprising #2 (Eternity 1989) 

The Malcontent's mecha looks like a cross between a Veritech and a female Zentraedi power suit.

Wow, on page 6 Rick looks like he's about 6 weeks past needing a hair cut (and for him, that's saying something)!

Apparently everyone know Miriya got a 'tape' message and she left but she erased it before she left... a tape... what's that? lol

On page 13 we see Cavern City.. whoa look out for those streets, there are no barriers between the narrow streets and the abyss below. The government must have faith in good driving.

They discuss how the 'Southern' Grand Cannon is being dismantled. What is this 'Southern' Grand Cannon of which you speak?

We meet one of Wolff's men named Ron Bartley. Yep, the dad of Rook.

On page 20 we get our first look at the relationship of Jonathan Wolff and his wife. This helps flesh out his character more and his regrets year later when he is back on Earth during the 3rd War.

The tank Wolff is in looks really cool (page 24).

The Malcontent Uprising #3 (Eternity 1989)

The pilot's helmets look strange and pointy here...

Wolf's tank (on page 6) looks insane. What the heck would you use that thing for?!

On page 8 there is an overhead shot of Max's cockpit and it looks cool. An angle you never see. I'm all about angles you never see!

I swear that Max looks like Myria on page 11 at the bottom right frame. I think it's the hair.

On page 15 Wolff looks like Herman Munster.

On the last page of the comic we get a history of some of the Malcontent groups and an overview of the new mecha featured in this min-series.

There a bunch of nice mecha drawings in this comic. Ling does a good job with the mechanical components.

The Malcontent Uprising #4 (Eternity 1989)

I can't imagine that Dana Sterling was the ONLY half breed out there. Certainly Zentraedi/human coupling would have started taking place right away. If I remember correctly Jack McKinney wrote it off to 'the workings of the Protoculture'.

I'm not sure of the shot of the Veritech on the next to last frame on page 11. Confusing since it had nothing do to with what was going on.

Page 15... nekkid Zentraedi.

The birth of the Southern Cross is really an interesting thing. It really does parallel events in real life were a segment of the populace were treated with suspicion and fear. I also see some interesting real life Civil War parallels with the birth of the Southern Cross. I'm sure someone has written about it. Too bad all that interesting stuff deals with my least favorite part of the Robotech saga.

Doesn't Max have a fancy helmet on page 27?

Before the fan mail pages there is another page of backstory about camp Alpha and they picked up on the same thing I did (about the internment camps of WWII).

The Malcontent Uprising #5 (Eternity 1990)

Page 1 looks awesome. The 'techno feel' of the whole page is well done.

On page 3 did Kimball just punch that tech in the nuts?!

There is a can of Petit Cola starring in the 4th frame on page 4... next to 'Tuns of Donuts'.

Max and Wolff (on page 7) talk about the music broadcasting from the Lorelei satellite causing Zentraedi to defect. This is right of out left field (I'm sure we will find out more about it later).

The guy on with the glasses on 9 looks a little too 'cartoony'. In fact the next 2 pages look that way too.

There's a lot of hair in this issue...

It's nice to get a little detail about Wolff's and Catherine's issues here. There are also a few 'cheap' pages during the CCTV viewing about the city coming apart at the scenes but I'm sure drawing this much can be exhausting and having some easy pages is a relief.

The Malcontent Uprising #6 (Eternity 1990)

In steps the Army of the Southern Cross in giant... blimps?!

The Zentraedi Data Retrieval expert (the one with the RDF/Zentraedi overlay symbol on her tunic) looks a lot like Lynn Kyle.

On page 14 Jonathan Wolff's forehead has reached new heights. He looks like Sinestro from the Green Lantern comics.

On page 20 is a shot of that gawd-awful looking SDF-3. Looks like a mutated cucumber.

This is the first issue were we get to see some of the hover technology that was not apart of Robotech until the 2nd war (or until shortly after the end of the 1st).

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