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Robtech II: The Sentinels Book I: #12-16

by Nathan Stout (of

The Sentinels #12 (eternity 1989)

The cover of this comic is done in some stark primary colors. Its burns your retinas!

I like the dramatic GLOOP! on page 4. An exclamation mark, really? Lol.

Hummm... the bath chamber on Optera is quite interesting. Seeing the Regent without clothes is strange and interesting too.

On page 25 Max saves the day (yet again) and Rem, Cabell, Karen, and Jack all clamber aboard Max's VT. Rem is straddling the foot in a most un-manly like way.

They just had to have Cabell say that corny line... I just knew it.

The Sentinels #13 (eternity 1989)

Is it just my imagination but is Dr. Lang playing Star Trek 3-Dimensional Chess?

Page 2 and 3 is a pretty awesome double page frame.
Page 5... a very 'Star Trek looking' shuttle and the name Sagan... someone is a Sci-Fic nerd!
The bottom 3 frames of page 8 are greatness.
We finally get a look at one of the new races to encounter on the other side of the galaxy... the almost comical looking Praxians. Who came up with their designs, a teenage boy?
Ahhh! the 2nd frame on page 15!
How could Cabell recognize Exedore... he looks totally different now.
On page 23 when Cabell tells everyone that the Master left for Earth, I bet they all shit bricks!
This was a pretty good issue. Lots of stuff going on!
The Sentinels #14 (eternity 1990)
There is that robo-butler on page 1...
On page 10 there is one of those walking spotlights from way back on Macross Island during the recon of the SDF-1. They still use those things!
The way Obsim grabs his face tentacles (or whatever they are) when he is fearful is great.
The Sentinels #15 (eternity 1990)
On page 5 I am totally lost. Cabell says they have enough Protoculture for a fold but not enough fuel for the reflex drives... I thought the reflex drives are what used Protoculture???
Sorry. this frame just struck me as funny and I had to have some fun with it.
We soon see Rick feeling lost in his new command. This is something I expect and am glad to see. A little more detail than a cartoon would give you. Rick was a fighter pilot and now he feels overwhelmed at all the responsibility he has and how the mission is not going as planned.
On page 13 Lisa answers the comm in her nighty. This is sure is a laid back crew.
That's some Ben Dunn type action on page 15.
Who let Rick bring along that old VT?
The Sentinels #16 (eternity 1990)
How is it that Obsim speaks English? Sure, I can understand the Brain being able to do it with some method but an Invid who have never interacted with humans?
That is a cool shot of the underside of Rick's Veritech on page 9.
Did I read a Monty Python reference on page 11?
Edwards is sitting pretty with the Invid Brain. He deactivates all the Invid troops then the REF (by order of Lang) slaughter all the helpless Invid out there. That's pretty savage. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.
Jean is hit with the news that it's going to take 5 years to get back. Lol, little does she know...
And so we end Book I of The Sentinels. Join me next time for the beginning of Book II.

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